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Products and services that get to the market are regulated by many different laws and international standards. The operation of your organization is also regulated by set standards in your industry. For the continued success of your business, you need to comply with these regulations and standards as provided by the regulating body.

Tampa-FL-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

You need to identify those international standards and regulations that apply to your organization or business. Some of the ISO standards are generic, that is to say, they apply to any business. Some of such standards include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, etc. Please note that we also have industry-specific standards that are meant to regulate the quality of products and services in a given industry. These include IATF 16949, which is a quality standard for the automotive industry and AS9100, a quality standard for the aerospace industry.

We are going to discuss some of these into details. If you want to get certified for any of them, then you can contact experts at ISO Pros to take you through it.  Check them out below:

Getting ISO 45001 Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

Occupational health and safety ISO 45001

The working condition in your organization plays a significant role in the output of your workers. Before you think about anything else to improve the business performance, you should do all that is possible to improve the working condition. Many diseases and injuries have been related to the poor working condition where the safety of the staff is not guaranteed. These have led to deaths and serious illnesses that greatly reduce the employees’ output.

ISO 45001 was created to keep the working conditions on the check. It is an international standard for establishing an occupational health and safety management system that will help in maintaining a good working condition. The system will ensure the safety of all staff members as it will help in the identification of any risks or lurking danger, which can then be intercepted before they become real dangers.

You can implement an ISO 45001 in your organization and get certified for it. That is possible by just following the guidelines and requirements of this standard. Achieving certification for ISO 45001 comes with many benefits. For instance, you will be able to minimize risks, increase the output of the staff members, improve your reputation in the world market, etc.

You can easily achieve this certification with proper input in the implementation of it. Contact us for any help that you need with ISO 45001 implementation and certification.

Getting ISO 14001 Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

Environmental Management ISO 14001

Everyone is now conscious of the surrounding. The environment is the source of life that we enjoy, therefore, its conservation should be the first priority. Different organizations and companies are currently operating under strict rules and regulations that should be found to pollute the environment in any way, then they are held responsible.

ISO 14001 is from the family of ISO 14000, which is a standard for environmental management. It is an international standard that helps many different organizations to reduce their impact on the environment, comply with different environmental laws and regulations, and continually improve the environmental management system to enhance the above.

The current version of ISO 14001 is the ISO 14001:2015. This specifies the requirements for the environmental management system that will improve how an organization can reduce their environmental footprints, thereby complying with the legal laws.

Getting training on this standard and implementing it in your organization has many advantages to an organization. Don’t think that it is all about conserving the environment as it directly affects your business. By complying with the legal requirements, you set yourself free from hefty fines and the cost of repairing the environmental damage that your organization might cause to the environment. You can also get certified for it.

Quality management ISO 9001

There is no doubt in saying that everyone is concerned about the quality of products and services that they receive. Quality assurance is the only tool that you can use in the global market to win new clients and customers. Even if you will be looking for funding from investors, some of them will ask you about the quality of your products and services.

ISO 9001 is a standard for developing a quality management system within an organization that will ensure that you deliver high-quality products to the market. even though it is not obligatory, you still can’t afford to implement ISO 9001 and get certified for it. Why are we saying so? Everyone is looking for the best way to win more customers both in the global and local markets. The only way you can give your marketing team easier work is when the products and services that they are marketing are of the expected quality.

You will not please anyone for ISO 9001 compliance, but it is what you do for the benefit of your organization. Getting certified for this international standard opens more doors of opportunity for you. You can boast of first meeting the customer’s quality expectation, which is the first step to winning more clients.

Getting ISO 13485 Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

Medical devises Quality ISO 13485

The manufacture and distribution of medical devices are heavily regulated to ensure that only reputable or quality devices get to the market. ISO 13485 is the international standard that ensures that organizations conform to the strict requirements for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Medical devices need to be of high quality with no shortcuts in the manufacturing. When we talk of medical devices, we mean every single item that is used in the hospital from a syringe to life-supporting machines. This standard ensures that the medical device in question performs its role just as expected without failure. We all understand how disastrous, especially if it is a life-supporting machine or machines for disease diagnosis.

Your organization needs to conform to the requirements of ISO 13485 if it is involved in the medical devices supply chain. The good news is that ISO 13485 has become compulsory in many countries around the world. Even if it is still voluntary in your region, you still need to take it upon yourself to certify your company for the benefits of the patients and the company itself. Just like many other ISO standards, ISO 13495 also comes with many benefits but that is a topic for another day.

Getting IATF 16949 Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

Automotive IATF 16949

Just as we have discussed the ISO 13485 and AS9100, we will do the same to IATF 16949. This is an international standard that was developed by the International Automotive Task Force also to regulate the quality of automotive parts. An organization can get certified for compliance with IATF 16949 but not an individual.

Compliance with this standard also comes with its advantages. Something that we have to note here is that ISO 13485, AS9100, and IATF 16949 are industry-specific standards, but all of which borrows greatly from the generic ISO 9001. The framework of the three mentioned standards follows closely that of ISO 9001, only that an organization should be able to demonstrate that it can apply ISO 9001 in aerospace, automotive, and medical devices.

The advantages of these three industry-specific standards are almost the same as they have one objective of enhancing the quality of the parts and components. So, they all meet the customer’s expectations and make your organization recognizable in the global market.

Getting CMMC Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50


CMMC is a national standard that is specific only to the United States. It is still in the stages of development with the first public release made in January 2020. It is targeting all contractors that work with the department of defense as they handle very crucial data. Since it was recently released, the players have been given up to 2026 to comply with its requirements.

Cybersecurity has been an issue since the invention of the internet. There are information leakages and cyberattacks that have led to damages and loss of billions of dollars. This is something that is a great threat to national security. CMMC was established to help enhance cybersecurity among the DoD contractors and subcontractors.

Compliance with CMMC is for the benefits of all the DoD contractors and subcontractors as it is the only way they can remain in business with the Department of Defense. This makes it more of a necessity rather than a voluntary standard. You can start implementing as early as now and get certified. That will even give you more advantage over your competitors who are not ready to do so.

Aerospace AS9100

We have thousands of parts in a single passenger plane. Other machines that are used in aviation, space, and defense also have a high number of parts assembled together. These parts are manufactured by different manufacturers and they fit in together as if they are from the same workshop. That has been made possible with the regulations in the quality of those parts.

Every player in the design, manufacture, and distribution of parts and components used in the aviation, space, and military is regulated by an international standard named AS9100. Your compliance with AS9100 will make you a better player or competitor both nationally and internationally. It opens doors of opportunity to market your products and trade with some of the major players in aerospace.

Certification for AS9100 is done in a similar way it is done with other international standards. You need to implement AS9100 quality management system and apply for certification to show the world that you also comply with the international standards. ISO Pros can help you with the implementation and certification at the best prices.


This is a set of guidelines that are recommended as best practices for increasing the efficiency of your organization. If you have been struggling with the process of increasing the performance of your business, then this is all you need. Just implement it in your business and wait for the results.

CMMI is an optimization model. It will help you through the process optimization that results in higher output for the same input that you had before. This means that you won’t be looking for more funds than what you have been using, but just implementing the best practices that will make your organization to use the available resources and assets more efficiently.

Getting CMMI Certified-ISO 9001 Tampa FL-ISO PROS #50

Organizations are certified for implementing these best practices. Once you are ready and you have evaluated the effectiveness of these practices, then you can call our experts to certify your organization as CMMI compliant.

Other International Standards

We have many different international standards that are not discussed in this article. We have only focused on 8 standards, but we have over 30 international and national standards that may apply to your organization. Contact ISO Pros if you need to learn more about what our implementation services cover. We are accredited to offer ISO implementation services to many different international standards. Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry.